About the atole...

The world didn’t “stop”, it evolved. The world is entering a new technological era in which our digital presence is becoming increasingly necessary.

The truth is that while the world is slowly recuperating, remote jobs and online services are going to stay and flourish.

Atole knows the world is full of dreamers who need to display their services in a tangible, yet technological way. Making E-commerce the future!! Meaning you can sell anything you aspire to create from anywhere!

Our Vision

We at Atole have a vision, that every creative has the right to have their ideas and art be shown to the world. Thanks to social media and the internet we have the means to do so, but thanks to big marketing, most creatives are overshadowed by those who know how to game algorithms and get likes. We are here to democratize art, and give the tools for all creatives to be seen.

OUR Mission

Our mission is threefold: we want to help everyone create their own unique brand that speaks to their creative core.
We also want to create a community of artists and creatives, where everyone can learn from each other, create events and collaborate.
Finally we want to give creatives tools and assets, that are accessible to everyone. Filling in the gaps in creative blindspots.

the year 2021

Atole Tech opened its digital doors in New York City amidst the pandemic. Atole-tech is a digital studio specializing in building from simple clean designs aimed at creative people, entrepreneurs and startups. We saw that although there are many people with an idea or creative vision, not everyone is a techie person, social guru, or design master. We want to be the buffer and support to get people to their next step.

Our mission

The story behind atole...

Atole Tech emerged during the COVID pandemic. This historic event shifted the world from a physical to a digital one. The world didn’t “stop”, but evolved. The world is entering a new technological era in which our digital presence is becoming increasingly necessary.

Why us?

A look at our company values and what makes us unique.

  • We are BOLD At Atole we are not afraid to push boundaries, to go outside the status quo. Pushing the limits between normal and fantasy.

  • PLAYFUL: Our focus is on making the boring and mundane parts of making a brand fun! Google Analytics and SEO optimization whee!!

  • We are INNOVATIVE. Always looking into the future. Always, finding new ways to connect and enhance a person's creative style.

  • CREATIVE: Art is everywhere. We want to democratize creativity and give businesses the tools to be able to show their vision to the worlds


Our team loves exploring new ideas, and we want the chance to conduct that exploration alongside other creative people such as yourself. We believe every entrepreneur and every artist is unique, we are committed to knowing you and your product in order to give it the image and personality you desire.

Who makes the atole?

Meet the team

Our passionate team is always evolving your services and business.

The creative

Lena, the creative

A creative in the most pure sense of the word. Lena is always finding the artistic side of everything. She believes that when we see a film we are transported into another universe, a universe of celluloid and metaphors. When she isn’t watching movies you can find her drawing, taking gorgeous photos of forests, or figuring out how to befriend penguins and Boston terriers.

The techie

Julian, the techie

Loves watching movies, playing videogames and eating tacos. Has encyclopedic knowledge of movie quotes, even movies he hasn’t seen. Is constantly building or learning something new, like making kombucha, or making a robot, or drawing penguins.

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